Rosemont Baptist Church

[+] Pantry

As God provides resources, Rosemont gives free food and clothing to the needy of our community from our little "store". With each can of food and/or each piece of clothing we also share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only One who can meet our eternal need. Since opening in Jan. 2009 we have given material and spiritual hope to thousands of families from our community.

We gladly accept financial donations and/or donations of clothing and canned foods.

Lord-willing, our Pantry will open again on Saturday June 29, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m..

[+] Lambs Ministry
Ladies in Action Ministering Blessing and Service.

Our ladies meet monthly for fellowship and prayer, and to organize the care for our shut-in members. Through this ministry, those of our family who are lonely receive constant cards, phone calls and visits to brighten their days. Our ladies also provide regular meals to our shut-ins, those with emergency needs, and our guests in the Whitlow House.

LAMBS Mission Statement:

  1. To serve our Lord and Savior (Phil 3.14).
  2. To provide a forum for Christian women to bond and support one another. This forum provides community information as well as creating a team of workers (Phil 2.3).
  3. To maintain contact with and give encouragement to those associated with the church who are not able to attend services. The situation may be temporary or permanent (Phil 4.13).
  4. To serve the social and esthetic needs of the church.
[+] Joy Ministry

Those who are Just Older Youth (60+) meet monthly for food, fellowship, encouragement, and instruction which is relevant to senior citizens.

[+] Prison Ministry

Several of our members are active in ministry to prisoners all over the state of North Carolina through letter-writing, visitation, preaching, bible studies, and the on-site/off-site community volunteer program at Forsyth Correctional Center in Winston-Salem. Please pray for us as we lead a bible study with the men at FCC each Friday morning in April. Our subject will be "Foundations for Life", focusing on the basics of the gospel.

[+] Salem Terrace

Rosemont members meet each Saturday evening with residents at the Salem Terrace nursing home for Bible study, music and fellowship. We also visit personally with the residents one Saturday morning each month for conversation, prayer, and encouragement.

[+] Winston Salem Rescue Mission

Our assembly financially supports the Rescue Mission in helping the homeless men of our community, and those recovering from substance abuse at Alpha Acres. We also take every opportunity to share the gospel with the men at the Mission.